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Arena Card Game

Arena Card Game

Soulsmith is a strategy card game where fearless warriors led by mighty heroes battle on the arena for honor, glory, and loot. From building your deck to playing heroes or warriors to a specific lane, every decision you make will require strategic planning and forecasting your opponent's moves. Destroy your enemies with powerful magic, crush foes with overwhelming brute force or outsmart the opponent with your own unique strategy, it's all up to you! In Soulsmith, there is no such thing as rare cards with enormously high stats. Every single castle, hero, warrior, recipe, item, fort or monster may be good or bad depending on your strategy and the situation on the arena.

Create a mighty deck and conquer the Riviere of Worlds in thrilling PvE encounters or show who's boss in PvP games. Both modes will grant you tons of fun and new cards.

The Soulsmith World

The World

The Dark War between the Sleeping Gods and the Fallens ended hundreds of years ago. The new era of peace and prosperity has come to all realms of the Riviere of Worlds. But since recently, peace has become just an illusion.

The most alarming events occur in Midworld. The ritual that supposed to summon servant demons for Emperor Kratis ended up with destruction and demonic invasion led by Archdemon Valaar. Shaky peace treaty stopped the war for a while, but didn't remove the Edge - a giant rift that passes through the whole realm.

Mysterious force gives you the ability to command the army of great heroes and warriors. Will you use this power for establishing peace or just for personal gain?

The Soulsmith Basics


The goal of the game is to destroy enemy castle before the opponent destroys yours. Play forts and warriors reinforcing the lanes, hunt for dangerous monsters, and equip your heroes with powerful items and recipes to crush the enemy.

It's easy to play your cards to the arena but being victorious will require thoughtful decisions. The outcome of the game depends not only on your deck but also on your strategy and it's proper execution.

The Soulsmith Castles


Castles are mystical strongholds that allow soulsmiths to travel between realms and assault enemies. Castle is your headquarters in the arena. Each castle has a combination of toughness points for every lane and a unique ability that can be used one time per turn. The stronger the ability the less toughness each lane will have. Choose a castle with the ability that fits your playstyle the best.

The Soulsmith Heroes


Heroes are more than just mighty warriors. Their souls are so powerful they can open the gate to the arena for the reinforcements. You can equip your heroes with items and recipes increasing their power. By defeating enemies and at the end of every turn, heroes will get charge points. You can spend these charges to activate hero abilities. When a hero is killed, he or she can be resurrected next turn by spending a certain amount of charge points.

The Soulsmith Forts


Forts empower your forces on the lane and protect your castle. Castle can't be attacked if there is at least one allied fort on current lane. But once attacked, the fort will be destroyed. Use forts to slow down enemy onslaught or buff your own forces.

The Soulsmith Warriors


Warriors are the backbone of your army. They cover allies, assault enemy fortifications, and if lucky enough can even slay enemy heroes. Warriors can't cast abilities but their power in early and mid game should not be underestimated.


Items And Recipes

Items increase the power of your heroes by boosting their stats or granting them with additional abilities.

Recipes are the most powerful weapons in the game. A certain number of items must be played before a hero can equip a recipe card. The amount of stats and the power of abilities recipes give can definitely be called game changing. You can choose what recipe you will play from the separate recipes hand. Playing such a powerful card, you can safely rely on your calculations rather than hope for lucky RNG roll.


Dungeons And Monsters

Dungeons are unique lanes where monsters from your deck spawn every turn. You may hunt either in your own or enemy's dungeon. Be aware that each player will always act before the opponent in his or her own dungeon.

If your troops survive the initial monster's attack, they may try to kill this powerful creature. Those who slain the monster will get a powerful disposable amulet.